Physiotherapy Assistance


4, Nikos Nikolaidi Avenue
(Office 303) – Paphos Cyprus

What it entails

Physiotherapy Assistance Service helps patients who have suffered trauma, surgery, or have mobility difficulties.

A home physiotherapist can perform:

  1. Neuromotor, orthopedic, post-surgical rehabilitation
  2. Post-stroke rehabilitation
  3. Postural re-education
  4. General arthritis therapy
  5. Manual lymph drainage
  6. Massage therapy
  7. Electrotherapy (iontophoresis, TENS, dynamic currents, ultrasound)
  8. Improvement of symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s
  9. Respiratory rehabilitation

Our advantages:

  • Operators employed by the affiliated facility
  • No burdens for families
  • Included replacement service for holidays or sickness
  • Immediate and free service suspension
  • A dedicated family contact always available
  • Competitive and market-aligned costs