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Assistiamo Network:
The Home Care Franchising

Assistiamo Network is the franchising project of “Assistiamo Group”, a national network of centers that meet the growing demand for private, home, and hospital care.

Assistiamo Group was created to help families take care of their loved ones who are in difficult situations. The Group, operating throughout Italy, has decades of experience in providing specialized care for the elderly, the sick, and disabled.

Main Advantages of Assistiamo Group


Homecare Assistance


Hospital Assistance


Home Nursing Service


Physiotherapy Assistance Service


Baby-Sitting Service


Housekeeping Service

The Care that Counts

Assistiamo Group: Care for the Elderly, Sick, and Disabled

Assistiamo Group has designed its Franchising formulas to offer dynamism, tranquility, and autonomy to affiliates.

Why open a center with Assistiamo Group?

Custom-tailored Franchising formulas for the affiliate
Continuous training and support from the company
A dedicated marketing plan for each branch

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Our Formulas

Choose the Assistiamo Group Franchising formula that best suits your needs.


Our most comprehensive and traditional Licensing affiliation formula.

Entrepreneurs in a sector with excellent business opportunities

Secure and immediate investment recovery

Practical and participatory training

Ongoing support from the Parent Company

Supply of furniture, computer materials, printing, and web-social tools

Very accessible entry fee

Manage activity in total autonomy

La nostra formula più completa e tradizionale.


Easy entry and fewer responsibilities, ideal for those who want to start a business without worries.

Total support from the Parent Company in administrative and managerial matters

A competitive entry fee

A “start-up” contribution of €1,000 per month, unique to Assistiamo

The option to upgrade to the Gold affiliation later

Supply of furniture, computer materials, printing, and web-social tools

Practical and participatory training


The formula dedicated to activities related to our sector (medical clinics, dental offices, rehabilitation centers, etc.).

Also considers other activities that offer services to individuals or have a significant customer flow

Offers the ability to integrate services for customers, diversifying business through a personalized corner dedicated to Assistiamo services

A unique entry fee

Less intensive training compared to other proposals

Constant support from the Parent Company

Optimize time and enhance space

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