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Assistiamo Network is the franchising project of Assistiamo Group, the national network of Centers that respond to the growing demand for private, home and hospital care.

Assistiamo Group born to help families to take care of their loved ones who live in difficult situations. The Group, operating throughout Italy, has a decade of experience in providing specialized assistance to the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

The services offered by the Assistiamo Group centers

  • House assistance
  • Assistance by the hour
  • Day / full-time assistance
  • Night assistance
  • 24 hour assistance with cohabitation
  • Weekend coverage
  • Staff vacation and sickness coverage or immediate replacement of the operator
  • Maid service and baby-sitting
  • Physiotherapy and nursing assistance (small medicine)
  • Hospital Assistance
  • Day / night vigil with customizable schedules
  • Administration of meals
  • Hygiene care

I numeri della crescita


To date, those over 65 represent more than 20% of the population of our country.


In the next 30 years we will have over 8 million over 80s The need for social and health assistance is therefore concrete and constantly increasing.



Our most complete and traditional licensing affiliate formula

  • Entrepreneurs in a product sector that offers excellent business opportunities
  • Safe and immediate investment recovery, to allow the widest growth margins.
  • Practical and participatory training
  • The constant support of the parent company over time
  • Furniture supplies, computer and typographical material and provision of web-social tools.
  • Very affordable entrance fee.
  • Management of activities in total autonomy


Our affiliation formula that allows for a less demanding entry and reduced responsibilities, perfect for those who want to embark on a new entrepreneurial path without, however, all the typical concerns of those starting their own business.

  • Total support of the parent company in administrative and management areas
  • A competitive access fee
  • The “start up” contribution of € 1,000 per month, which only Assistiamo offers
  • It is always possible to switch, at a later time from this affiliation mode to the Gold one
  • Furniture supplies, computer and typographical material and provision of web-social tools
  • Practical and participatory training


Our affiliation formula reserved for activities related to our sector (medical clinics, dental offices, rehabilitation centers etc ...)

  • We also evaluate other activities that offer services aimed at the person or that have an important flow of customers within them
  • It offers the possibility to integrate the services offered to its customers, so as to diversify its business. This is done by placing a personalized corner, dedicated to offering Assistiamo’s services.
  • Single access fee
  • Unlike the other two proposals, it provides for a less demanding training course
  • The constant support of the parent company over time
  • Ability to better manage your time and enhance your spaces

Get in touch with Assistiamo Network

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  • Google, Bing ...
  • Word of mouth
  • Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn etc..)
  • Press
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